Crowns and Bridges; Pre and Post - Tips - details

Crowns and Bridges; Pre and Post

Crown and Bridge Preparation and your Temporary Crown or Bridge

During your crown or bridge preparation appointment, a temporary crown made out of acrylic was fabricated and cemented with temporary cement. At your follow up appointment, the temporary crown needs to be easily removed, therefore the cement is not as strong as the permanent cement will be. Because of this, you should avoid sticky and chewy foods such as gum and chewy breads. Brushing and flossing is still recommended, but make sure to not pull up on the floss and instead slide it out the side so you don’t dislodge it. If the temporary crown falls off please call our office and we will get you back in to recement it. If the timing is such that you can’t come in, there is over the counter temporary dental material you can place in the temporary crown to help hold it on. Temporary crowns are not perfect in strength or appearance, your final crown will be stronger, smoother, and more aesthetically pleasing than the temporary.

Sensitivity in the tooth and surrounding gum tissue is normal and should subside after the final crown is placed. Minor discomfort should be managed with over the counter pain medication however, if pain is not tolerable please feel free to call our office for more help.

After Your Permanent Crown or Bridge Appointment

During your appointment today the permanent crown was cemented. It is not uncommon for it to take a few days to adjust to the final restoration. You may experience minor discomfort in the beginning. Hot and cold sensitivity is normal in the first few weeks and potentially could last a few months. If the pain accelerates or becomes intolerable please call our office for a follow up appointment. We do our best to adjust your bite while you are in the office, however sometimes minor adjustments will need to be done at follow up appointments. If something feels off with your bite please don’t hesitate to call for an adjustment so we can avoid any future discomfort.

Crowns and bridges are strong restorations meant to last you a long time. However, they are still vulnerable to decay at the margin between the crown and your natural tooth structure. Proper hygiene,frequent check ups, and limiting sugary foods will help ensure your crown lasts as long as possible.