Extractions; Post Visit - Tips - details

Extractions; Post Visit

Following your extraction appointment it is important to avoid eating until the anesthetic has worn off to ensure you don't damage any vulnerable tissue. Once you are no longer numb you may eat soft, cool foods. It is important to avoid hot foods and foods with small pieces in them that could lodge in the remaining socket and cause infection such as seeds, popcorn kernels, rice and nuts. While an extraction is healing any form of suction needs to be avoided including smoking and drinking out of straws.

A warm salt water rinse can be very soothing and therapeutic to the tissue, just swish lightly and allow to drizzle out of your mouth, avoid spitting too hard. Applying an ice pack to the area of your face where the procedure was performed for 20 minutes at a time for the first 24 hours can help reduce the overall swelling. Pain and swelling are normal and will peak 48-72 hours after your procedure and begin to resolve after that.

If the pain continues to escalate or becomes unmanageable please call our office for a follow up appointment. Please follow the doctor’s instructions about pain management medication that were given to you at the appointment and call with any questions.