Fillings; Post Visit - Tips - details

Fillings; Post Visit

When a filling is done the anesthetic that is used can last several hours. It is important to be very cautious during this time period to avoid damaging your soft tissues. If it is a child who has had a filling it is important to monitor them closely due to the odd feeling of the numbness often stimulating them to suck or chew on the area causing damage that will later hurt.

Post operative sensitivity is common and normal after having a filling done. Hot, cold, and chewing can all be uncomfortable for sometimes several weeks. Gum tissue around the area of the filling can be irritated for a few days following the procedure and the injection site may also be sore. If it feels like the bite on the filling is uneven please call our office for a quick and simple adjustment as this can lead to more sensitivity and discomfort if not adjusted. The contour and texture of your new filling may be different than your natural tooth structure. Your tongue and tissues will pick up and amplify this small difference but should get used to it in a few days.