Scaling and Root Planing - Tips - details

Scaling and Root Planing

Following your procedure your mouth will be numb for several hours. during this time avoid chewing anything hard or crunchy as you are likely to damage your soft tissues without knowing it. Your gum tissue will be sore over the next few days, over the counter pain medication should be able to manage this soreness. Upon removing the plaque and tartar off of your teeth it can expose more sensitive tooth structure and cause temporary cold sensitivity.

This sensitivity should resolve as your teeth adjust to the new environment. During this time period after your deep cleaning it is very important to maintain good hygiene to keep the now clean areas as free from new plaque and tartar as possible. The bacteria that caused the procedure to need to be done in the first place is persistent and it is very important to return for your follow up appointments to avoid having your periodontal disease continue to advance.