What to Expect at Your First Visit - Tips - details

What to Expect at Your First Visit

There are numerous reasons why you may be coming into our office for the first time. No matter what the appointment is for please bring your dental insurance information, medication list, and most current dental x-rays if applicable. You can fill out your registration paperwork ahead of time by following the link on our site to print it at home, or we can provide it for you upon your arrival. All appointments begin with a thorough medical and dental history. Once we have done that we will determine if there are any problem areas or concerns that you may have about your dental health.

If you are here for a routine cleaning, we will take your regular cavity detecting x-rays to help us evaluate the spaces in between your teeth. We will then do an examination of your hard and soft tissues to check for any abnormalities and we will check your gums to ensure they are in good health. Our hygienist will then use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, followed by hand instruments, polishing and floss. At the end of your cleaning either Dr. Barbara or Dr. Solon will come in to do your final examination and diagnose any work that needs to be done and discuss any concerns you may have.

If you are here for a dental emergency such as a broken tooth or toothache, you will be promptly seen by one of the doctors. An assistant will gather information from you as to what has been going on and take any necessary x-rays. The doctor will then review all your treatment options with you and do whatever may need to be done to get you comfortable and whole again.